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Figure 2

From: Diagnostic yield of renal biopsies: a retrospective single center review

Figure 2

Category 1: Predicted diagnosis confirmed

Category 2: One of several predicted diagnoses confirmed

Category 3: Unexpected but treatable diagnosis made

Category 4: Assessment of disease severity Category 5: Non-diagnostic

Category 6: Technical failure

This graph illustrates the diagnostic categories for the 196 biopsies with complete information that were reviewed. Note that the values for percentage in the pie chart have been rounded off to whole numbers. 1, a biopsy that revealed the specific diagnosis predicted by the physician; 2, a biopsy that confirmed one of multiple possible diagnoses; 3, a biopsy that revealed disease that was different than the pre-biopsy prediction but which was conclusive and sufficient to determine appropriate treatment; 4, a biopsy done to determine the severity of an established disease; 5, a biopsy that was insufficient on its own to define prognosis and treatment; 6, a biopsy that was a technical failure with inability to obtain tissue.

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