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Table 1 Summary of MCNS following vaccination in literature

From: Minimal change nephrotic syndrome in an 82 year old patient following a tetanus-diphteria-poliomyelitis-vaccination

Vaccination against Tetanus-diphteria-poliomyelitis-vaccination Pneumococcus [6] Influenza [7] Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B [5]
Age [years] 82 67 65 3 40 4
Gender female female female male female male
Baseline creatinine 76 μmol/l no data normal 44 μmol/l normal no data
Peak creatinine 138 μmol/l 274 μmol/l 158 μmol/l no data no data no data
Baseline proteinuria negative in dip-stick past history unremarkable no data past history unremarkable past history unremarkable past history unremarkable
Peak proteinuria 12 g/day 10.4 g/day 13.2 g/day 24.8 g/day 8 g/day 1.25 g/day
Vaccination to onset of symptoms 4 weeks 4 months 4 days 17 days after 2nd inoculation 8 days
Biopsy typical minimal change lesion (MCL) MCL and mild interstitial nephritis typical minimal change lesion (MCL) not indicated minimal change nephropathy not indicated
Treatment Steroids 1 mg/kg bw ACE-inhibitor 750 mg Steroids for 3 days; followed by 40 mg/day None specific Steroids 2 mg/kg bw Steroids (12 mg every other day) Steroids 2 mg/kg bw
Renal function/follow up 80 μmol/l
6 months after diagnosis
Urinary protein neg. after one year; 15 mg Steroids/day Clearacnce 95 ml/min after one year no data no data Complete remission