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Table 3 Factor loadings of the eight sub-scales of the KDQOL-SF

From: Validation of the Kidney Disease Quality of Life-Short Form: a cross-sectional study of a dialysis-targeted health measure in Singapore

KDQOL-SF General Health Items Role Physical Physical Functioning Emotional Well-being General Health Social Function Pain Role Emotional Energy Fatigue
Vigorous activities   .663       
Moderate activities   .756       
Lifting carrying groceries   .682       
Climbing several flights of stairs   .807       
Climbing one flight of stairs   .686       
Bending, kneeling, stooping   .534       
Walking more than a mile   .731       
Walking several blocks   .699       
Walking one block   .537       
Bathing or dressing yourself   .280       
Due to physical health, did you...         
Cut down amount of time on activities .852        
Accomplish less than what you would have liked .872        
Were limited in the kind of activities .861        
Have difficulty performing activities .823        
Body pain during last 4 weeks       .858   
Did pain interfere your work       .794   
How would you rate your health     .472     
I get sick easier than other people     .669     
I am as healthy as any one else     .769     
I expect my health to get worse     .592     
My health is excellent     .741     
Have you been nervous person    .620      
You felt so down that nothing could cheer you up    .737      
Have you felt calm & peaceful    .218      
Have you felt down hearted and blue    .748      
Have you been a happy person    .215      
Due to emotional problems...         
You had to cut down amount of time on activities        .803  
You accomplished less        .812  
You could not do activities as carefully as usual        .749  
To what extent have your physical health & emotional problems...         
Interfered with your normal social life      .381    
Interfered with visiting friends, relatives      .451    
Did you feel full of pep         .774
Did you have a lot of energy         .694
Did you feel worn out         .339
Did you feel tired         .416
  1. KDQOL-SF, kidney disease quality of life-short form
  2. Verimax rotation with Kaiser normalization was used to control for certain influences (of items on the sub-scale) on the overall result