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Table 2 Study Procedure Schedule

From: Design and implementation of the canadian kidney disease cohort study (CKDCS): A prospective observational study of incident hemodialysis patients

Procedures Study Visits Baseline Month 6 Month 12 Month 18 Year 2 and yearly
Consent X     
Subject interview X X X   X
Medical record review X X X   X
Coronary CT (separate consent form) X     
Sample collection (blood, dialysate/effluent, finger/toe nails, hair) X X X   X
Home tap water collection X X    
Genetic sample collection (separate consent form) X     
Control genetic sample collection (separate consent) X     
Bioimpedance measurement X X X X X
Attitudes toward Transplant    X   
  1. CT = Computed tomography, KDOOL = Kidney Disease Quality of Life Instrument