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Figure 2

From: Anti-hLAMP2-antibodies and dual positivity for anti-GBM and MPO-ANCA in a patient with relapsing pulmonary-renal syndrome

Figure 2

Detection of anti-hLAMP2 antibodies. A. The patient's serum at time of relapse (month 23) was tested positive by indirect immunfluorescence on ldlD cells stably expressing hLAMP-2 on the cell surface; whereas only minor staining was obtained during remission (month 6). Results of the serum from a healthy, negative control and a positive SVV-control are shown in picture 1 and 2, respectively. B. The serum was also tested positive by Western blot on E. coli expressed fusion protein. Lane 1-6: Serum of our patient at different time-points (one major band corresponding to the fusion protein at around 66 kD). Lane 7: rabbit anti-hLAMP-2 polyclonal serum (positive control). Lane 8: anti-human (negative control). All methods for detection of hLAMP-2 antibodies are published in detail elsewhere [15].

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