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Table 2 Detailed description of the included publications on CKD patients

From: Clinical pharmacy activities in chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease patients: a systematic literature review

First author,
Design N (INT/CT)a Duration
Interventions Relevant outcomesb Results p-Value
Lim SB et al. [14], (2003), CKD inpts DS 60 2 MR, therapeutic monitoring, feedback to physicians No./Types of DRPs 86  
Abstract         Transcription errors    44%  
         Renal dosage adjustments    10%  
      PhAR 93%  
         Somewhat significant    26%  
         Significant    67%  
         Very significant    4%  
Patel HR et al. [15], (2005), CKD outpts DS 119 NR Review of medical records, evaluations of DRPs, therapeutic recommendations No. of DRPs 381 (100%)  
Abstract      Types of Interventions   
         Change of drugs    NR  
         Change of dosage    NR  
         Interval adjustments    NR  
      PhAR 40.9%  
Allenet B et al. [31], (2007), CKD outpts BAS 10 3 Pharmacist-managed anaemia educational programmes Knowledge (% of right answers on a 7-item questionnaire) at baseline vs. follow-up at Month 3 80 ± 18/93 ± 10 NS
      QOL judged on a LAS (0-10) at baseline vs. Month 3   
         Energy    3.3 ± 1.7/7.1 ± 1.7 < 0.05
         Daily activities    4.9 ± 2.1/7.7 ± 1.9 < 0.05
         General well-being    4.6 ± 2.2/7.5 ± 1.6 < 0.05
Bucaloiu ID et al. [24], (2007), CKD outpts DS NR 32 Pharmacist-managed anaemia programmes compared to PCP-managed pts Weekly erythropoietin dose 6.698/12.000 units 0.0001
Abstract      Time to achieve Hb goal 47.5/62.5 days 0.11
      Maintenance of Hb values in target range 69.8/43.9% 0.0001
      Maintenance of Tsat values in target range 64.8/40.4% 0.043
Joy MS et al. [25], (2007), CKD outpts DS 128 28 Clinical pharmacist-managed anaemia programmes with darbopoietin % of pts achieving Hb target compared to retrospective baseline analysis of data (before clinical implementation) 78/41%  
Lee J et al. [16], (2009), CKD outpts CT 18 (9/9) 6 INT: PC
Disease control parameters: Change from baseline to last follow-up visit (INT/CT)   
Abstract         Blood pressure    -6/+6.8 mmHg  
         HbA 1c    -0.2/0%  
         Haemoglobin    1.05/-1.85 g/dL  
      Medication adherence (pill count) 97.2/88.2%  
  1. BAS before-after study, CKD chronic kidney disease, CT controlled trial, DS descriptive study, DRP drug-related problem, Hb haemoglobin, HbA 1c glycosylated haemoglobin, LAS linear analogue scale, MR medication review, No. number, NR not reported, NS not significant, PC pharmaceutical care, PCP primary care physician, PhAR physician acceptance rate, pts patients, QOL quality of life, SOC standard of care, Tsat transferrin saturation
  2. a Number of included patients in the intervention (INT) or control (CT) group
  3. b For brevity, only the three most commonly performed interventions/drug-related problems are listed.