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Table 4 Results of multivariable logistic regression analysis of predictors of delayed graft function requiring dialysis within 72 hours of renal transplantation (D-DGF) N = 256*

From: Association of pre-transplant statin use with delayed graft function in kidney transplant recipients

Characteristics Odds ratio Confidence interval P value
Recipient characteristics
Statin use (yes versus no) 1.05 0.96-1.15 0.28
Donor characteristics
 Live versus Donation after brain death 0.12 0.03-0.43 <0.01
 Donation after cardiac death versus    
 Donation after brain death 10.37 3.75-28.66 <0.01
Transplant procedure characteristics    
Warm Ischemic Time (hours) 24.37 2.98-199.29 0.03
  1. Only statin use and statistically significant variables in the final adjusted regression model are shown.
  2. * The final variables included in the model were donor characteristics (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking status, donor type, cause of death, inotropic support, estimated glomerular filtration rate [eGFR]), recipient characteristics (gender, race, BMI, diabetes mellitus, smoking status, end-stage renal failure cause, previous renal transplantation, use of statins) and operation characteristics (cold ischemic time, warm ischemic time).