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Figure 1

From: Rationale and design of the RESOLVE trial: lanreotide as a volume reducing treatment for polycystic livers in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Figure 1

RESOLVE trial profile. ADPDK subjects are screened for eligibility, and 43 ADPKD patients with symptomatic polycystic liver disease and eGFR > 30 ml/min (MDRD formula) will be included. At day 1, all patients undergo CT volumetry of liver and kidneys. Patients without polycystic type II or III livers, as determined with CT volumetry, will be excluded from the study. Interval visits are scheduled 4 and 12 weeks after start of treatment. After 24 weeks of treatment with lanreotide (6 injections), another CT will be performed to evaluate the change in liver and kidney volume.

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