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Table 1 Description of Contemporary Measures of Quality of Sexual Function in comparison to the KDQOL-SF

From: The impact of nocturnal hemodialysis on sexual function

Inventory Name Modality/gender Number of items Domains
Kidney Disease Quality of Life Short Form (KDQOL-SF) ***Present Study SR/male and female 4 Sexual activity, satisfaction, arousal, burden of kidney disease on sex life
Arizona sexual experience scale (ASEX) SR/male and female 5 Drive, arousal, penile erection/vaginal lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction
Center for Marital and Sexual Health Sexual Functioning questionnaire (CMASH-SFQ) SR/male and partner 21 Sexual frequency, sexual satisfaction, orgasm, erectile function
Derogatis interview for sexual functioning (DISF-SR) CI and SR/male and female 25 Cognition, arousal, behaviour, orgasm, drive/relationship, overall total score
Female sexual function index (FSFI) SR/female only 19 Desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, pain
Index of premature ejaculation SR/male only 10 Sexual satisfaction, control, distress
International index of erectile function (IIEF) SR/male only 15 Erectile function, orgasm, desire, intercourse satisfaction, overall total score
Profile of female sexual function (PFSF) SR/female only 37 Desire, arousal, orgasm, pleasure, concerns, responsiveness, self-image
Sexual function questionnaire (SFQ) SR/female only 26 Desire, arousal–sensation, arousal–lubrication, enjoyment, orgasm, dyspareunia, partner relationship, overall total score
Sexual interest and desire inventory CI 13 Overall total score
Short scale to measure female sexual functioning (SPEQ) SR/female only 9 Feelings for partner, sexual responsivity, sexual frequency, libido, dyspareunia, partner problems
Female sexual distress scale (FSDS/FSDS-R) SR/female only 12/13 Unidimensional scale measuring sexually related personal distress. 'R' version has an additional desire item
  1. Abbreviations: CI = clinical interview; SR = self report (Adapted with permission from Derogatis [26]).