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Table 3 Clinical courses and outcomes of anaerobic peritonitis episodes (n = 10)

From: Peritoneal dialysis peritonitis by anaerobic pathogens: a retrospective case series

  Offending pathogens First-line antibiotics Antibiotics switch Outcomes
Patient 1 Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron IP cefazolin/ceftazidime IP ceftazidime/amikacin Cure
Patient 2 Bacteroides fragilis IV vancomycin/meropenem   Technique failure with catheter loss
Patient 3 Lactobacillus IP cefazolin/ceftazidime   Cure
  Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron IP cefazolin/ceftazidime   Cure
  Lactobacillus IP cefazolin/ceftazidime   Cure
  Bacteroides fragilis IV imipenem/amphotericin B   Catheter loss; Mortality due to bowel perforation 1 month later
Patient 4 Lactobacillus IP cefazolin/ceftazidime IP ceftazidime/gentamicin Cure
Patient 5 Bacteroides fragilis IP cefazolin/tobramycin IP ceftazidime/amikacin Cure
  Peptostreptococcus IP cefazolin/tobramycin   Cure
Patient 6 Bacteroides fragilis IP cefazolin/tobramycin   Cure
  1. Abbreviations: IP intraperitoneal; IV intravenous.