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Table 5 Interaction analyses with adjustment for covariates

From: Haplotype association analysis of genes within the WNT signalling pathways in diabetic nephropathy

Gene1 SNP1 Gene2 SNP2 P aP
AXIN1 rs395901 AXIN1 rs1805105 8.40E-05 0.39
WNT6 rs690877 WNT3 rs199496 0.00043 0.58
DAAM1 rs17834014 WNT3 rs199496 0.00049 0.70
DKK2 rs398093 DAAM1 rs17834014 0.00072 0.73
GSK3B rs11917714 DKK2 rs17510191 0.00096 0.73
  1. aCorrected for multiple testing by False Discovery Rate.