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Table 3 The interaction between diabetes and hypertonic solution for amputation risk

From: Early utilization of hypertonic peritoneal dialysate and subsequent risks of non-traumatic amputation among peritoneal dialysis patients: a nationwide retrospective longitudinal study

HPD Diabetes Rate Crude HR (95%CI) Adjusted HR (95%CI)
No No 0.97 ref ref
No Yes 40.61 44.32(5.53-355.21) 19.33(2.30-162.12)
Yes No 4.55 4.80(0.43-53.02) 3.48(0.31-38.67)
Yes Yes 67.07 78.51(10.3-614.29) 44.34(5.51-357.03)
  1. *Incidence rate, per 1000 person-years.
  2. HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval.
  3. Model adjusted for age, sex, hypertension, heart failure and ischemic heart disease.
  4. p value for interaction > 0.05.