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Table 2 Summary of microarray data used for meta-analysis

From: Meta-analysis of molecular response of kidney to ischemia reperfusion injury for the identification of new candidate genes

Authors GEO series Species Effects of ischemia reperfusion injury
Immediate Early Intermediate Prolonged Distant
Kusaka et al.[14] GSE5104 Rat 1 h     
Yuen et al.[15] GSE3219 Rat 2 h 8 h    
Hanto et al.[16] GSE14373 Pig   4 h 24 h   
Grigoryev et al.[19] NR* Mouse   6 h 36 h   
Krishnamoorthy et al.[11] GSE27274 Rat Crtx   6 h 24 h 5d  
Rat Mdl   6 h 24 h 5d  
Viñas et al. [17] GSE9943 Rat BN    24 h   
Rat SD    24 h   
Grigoryev et al.[21, 22] NR Human    24 h   
Liu et al.[20] NR Mouse    24 h   
Ko et al.[23] Pending Mouse     3d, 10d 28d
Naesens et al.[18] GSE11166 Human      90d
  1. * - not reported to GEO, Crtx - cortex, Mdl - medulla, BN - Brown Norway strain, SD - Sprague-Dawley strain.