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The relationship between preoperative creatinine clearance and outcomes for patients undergoing liver transplantation: a retrospective observational study

  • Urs Wenger1,
  • Thomas A Neff1,
  • Christian E Oberkofler2,
  • Manuel Zimmermann1,
  • Paul A Stehberger1,
  • Marcel Scherrer1,
  • Reto A Schuepbach1,
  • Silvia R Cottini1,
  • Peter Steiger1 and
  • Markus Béchir1Email author
Contributed equally
BMC Nephrology201314:37

Received: 5 September 2012

Accepted: 13 February 2013

Published: 14 February 2013

Authors’ Affiliations

Surgical Intensive Care Medicine, University Hospital of Zurich
Department of Visceral- and Transplantation Surgery, University Hospital of Zurich