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Table 2 Summary of studies included in meta-analysis

From: Is there an association between elevated or low serum levels of phosphorus, parathyroid hormone, and calcium and mortality in patients with end stage renal disease? A meta-analysis

Author, year Study or database name Study design Duration of follow-up Dialysis vintage Dialysis type Sample size Biochemical parameters with adequate data Timing of assessment Model adjustment
Block, 2004 [10] Fresenius Medical Care Retrospective cohort 12-18 months (total) Maintenance HD 40,538 P, Ca Average of values in first 3 months of study Multivariate adjusted
Dukkipati, 2010 [29] DaVita-NIED Prospective cohort 63 months (total) Maintenance HD 748 PTH Baseline, drawn prior to dialysis session Multivariate (MICS) adjusted
Floege, 2011 [16] European Fresenius Medical Care Retrospective cohort 20.9 months (median) Incident, 35% Maintenance, 65% HD 7,970 PTH Average of values in 1st quarter of follow-up Multivariate, time-dependent adjusted
Kalantar-Zadeh, 2006 [14] DaVita Prospective cohort 24 months (total) Maintenance HD 58,058 P, Ca, PTH Average of values in 1st quarter of follow-up Multivariate (MICS), time-dependent adjusted
Rodriguez-Benot, 2005 [24] Cordoba, Spain Prospective cohort 97.6 months (median) Maintenance HD 385 P 6-month mean prior to death or end of study period Multivariate adjusted
Tangri, 2011 [30] UKRR Prospective cohort 24 months (total) Incident HD, 70% PD, 30% 7,076 P, Ca, PTH Average of values during the first year of dialysis Multivariate adjusted
Tentori, 2008 [15] Dialysis Clinic Inc. Prospective cohort 16.4 months (median) Maintenance HD 25,588 PTH* Baseline Multivariate adjusted
  1. Ca, calcium; HD, hemodialysis; MICS, malnutrition-inflammation complex syndrome; NIED, Nutritional and Inflammatory Evaluation in Dialysis; P, phosphorus; PD, peritoneal dialysis; PTH, parathyroid hormone; UKRR, United Kingdom Renal Registry.
  2. *Excluded data for the other biochemical parameters due to discrepancies between sample sizes presented in publication tables and manuscript text.