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Figure 4

From: Effects of iodinated contrast agents on renal oxygenation level determined by blood oxygenation level dependent magnetic resonance imaging in rabbit models of type 1 and type 2 diabetic nephropathy

Figure 4

Representative immunohistochemistry images with pimonidazole staining. (A) Control group. (B) Type 2 diabetic nephropathy group injected with saline. (C–F) Type 2 diabetic nephropathy group injected with 400 mg I/mL of contrast agent (C, 1 h; D, 24 h; E, 48 h; F, 72 h). Pimonidazole staining was mainly localized in the renal outer medulla, especially at 24 h, while the renal cortex was lightly stained following injection of 400 mg I/mL of contrast agent.

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