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Table 1 Activators of the inflammasome

From: Is the inflammasome a potential therapeutic target in renal disease?

Sterile activators Pathogen activators (PAMPS)
DAMPs Environment derived Bacteria derived Virus-derived Fungus-derived Protozoa-derived
ATP Alum Pore-forming toxins RNA β-glucans Hemozoin
Cholesterol crystals Asbestos Lethal toxin M2 protein Hyphae
MSU/CPPD crystals Silica Flagellin/rod proteins   Mannan
Glucose Alloy particles MDP   Zymosan
Amyloid β UV radiation RNA
Hyaluronian Skin irritants DNA
  1. Activators of the inflammasome are divided into 2 categories: Sterile activators include host derived DAMPs and environment derived molecules, and pathogen activators include PAMPs derived from bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa.
  2. Abbreviations: CPPD Calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate, DAMP Damage-associated molecular pattern, MDP Muramyl dipeptide, MSU Monosodium urate, PAMP Pathogen associated molecular pattern.