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Table 3 Comparison of published studies that assess the effect of phosphate binders on FGF23

From: Changes in fibroblast growth factor 23 levels in normophosphatemic patients with chronic kidney disease stage 3 treated with lanthanum carbonate: results of the PREFECT study, a phase 2a, double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Reference Intervention iFGF23/cFGF23 N CKD stage Duration Results
Isakova et al., CJASN [20] Placebo; LC; P-restricted diet + placebo; P-restricted diet + LC cFGF23 only 39 3–4 12 weeks Significant 35% reduction in FGF23 in the P-restricted + LC group at week 12 vs baseline.
No significant change in FGF23 from baseline in other groups.
Yilmaz et al., AJKD [32] Sevelamer; Calcium acetate iFGF23 100 4 8 weeks Sevelamer group: reduction (27.1%) at week 8.
Calcium acetate group: increase (3.5%) at week 8. Significance of changes from baseline not specified.
Oliveira et al., CJASN [18] Calcium acetate; Sevelamer hydrochloride iFGF23 40 3–4 6 weeks For patients with stage 3 CKD:
 • Sevelamer group: significant reduction in FGF23 at week 6 (34.6%).
 • Calcium group: non-significant reduction in FGF23 at week 6 (24.7%).
Isakova et al., NDT [24] LC; Placebo (both on P-controlled diet either 750 mg or 1500 mg) cFGF23 16 3–4 2 weeks No significant change from baseline.
Slight increase from baseline in the group ingesting 1500 mg P + placebo.
Block et al., JASN [31] Placebo; Calcium acetate; Sevelamer; LC cFGF23 and iFGF23 148 3–4 9 months No significant differences in cFGF23.
Change from baseline of iFGF23:
 • Sevelamer: small but significant reduction.
 • Calcium acetate: small but significant increase.
 • LC and Placebo: no change.
Gonzalez-Parra et al., NDT [19] LC cFGF23 18 3 4 weeks Significant reduction (21.8%) from baseline of cFGF23.
  1. LC: lanthanum carbonate, P: phosphate, FGF23: fibroblast growth factor 23; iFGF23: intact FGF23; cFGF23: carboxy-terminal FGF23.