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Table 3 Cox Regression Analysis of Factors Associated with Hospitalized Poisonings

From: Hospitalized poisonings after renal transplantation in the United States

N HRA (95% CI) P value
BMI <21.6 vs. >28.3 kg/m2 3.02 (1.45–6.28) B 0.003
Rejection within 6 months after transplant 1.83 (1.15–2.89) B 0.011
N in Final Model 21,575  
  1. AAdjusted hazard ratio by Cox Regression analysis of time to hospitalization for poisonings, 95%CI = 95% confidence interval Analysis using these variables was limited to patients who survived at least 6 months after transplant CAnalyzed as a time-dependent covarariate, all times after graft loss = 1, all times before graft loss = 0