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Table 3 Dye solution retention by rat kidneys

From: Protective effect of EDTA preadministration on renal ischemia

Treatment μg/g
Controls 163 ± 8.3
+TNFα 456 ± 41.8*
+EDTA 178 ± 7.4
+TNFα+EDTA 298 ± 14.5*§
  1. The table reports the modification of vascular permeability; following in vivo treatment with EDTA and TNFα (see Methods section). The rat right kidney was in vivo perfused with trypan blue solution; washed with saline; removed; homogenized and centrifuged. The supernatants were run on a spectrophotometer at 540 nm wavelength. The data was then expressed as μg dye retained per weight (g) of fresh kidney. Maximum dye retention (dye perfusion without washing) yielded a value of 619 ± 24.7.
  2. *p < 0.05 vs. controls; §p < 0.05 vs. TNFα