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Table 3 Baseline and ongoing data collection

From: Prevention of catheter lumen occlusion with rT-PA versus heparin (Pre-CLOT): study protocol of a randomized trial [ISRCTN35253449]

Baseline data:
• age, sex, target weight, duration on dialysis, cause of renal failure
• type of catheter, insertion site, indication for catheter, history of rt-PA use or catheter replacement for malfunction
• details regarding previous catheter use
• history of deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism
• baseline hemoglobin, platelets, albumin, Kt/V, urea reduction ratio (URR) and INR
• medication use
• comorbidities as defined by the Charlson Co-morbidity Index
• blood processed in millilitres
• time on dialysis (minutes)
• mean venous and arterial pressures
• number of dialysis set-ups (lines and membranes)
• mean intradialytic heparin dose
• weight loss
Monthly Laboratory Data:
• haemoglobin, platelets, albumin
• delivered dose of dialysis (Kt/V and URR)