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Figure 2

From: Mutant polycystin-2 induces proliferation in primary rat tubular epithelial cells in a STAT-1/p21-independent fashion accompanied instead by alterations in expression of p57KIP2and Cdk2

Figure 2

Cell cycle profile of HEK293 clones is unaffected by expression of wild-type or mutant PC-2. Three different clones of each transfectant were synchronized and subjected to propidium iodide cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry. The percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle was determined. The results are presented as mean of triplicate counts for each clone ± SEM. No statistically significant difference was detected. Analysis of serum-starved cells demonstrated that more than 90% of the live cells were arrested at G0/G1 phase confirming successful synchronization of the cells cultured (data not shown).

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