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Table 1 Directed interview questions

From: Specialist and primary care physicians’ views on barriers to adequate preparation of patients for renal replacement therapy: a qualitative study

Nephrology providers Primary care providers
Challenges to RRT preparation
• What are the biggest challenges you face in preparing patients for renal replacement therapy? N/A
• What factors make it difficult or easy for you to support your patients’ decision making?
Experience with collaborative preparation
Please describe your experience with collaborating with patients’ primary care providers? For your patients who are also cared for by a nephrologist, what has been your experience with that nephrology practice regarding receiving communication about patients’ preparation for renal replacement therapy?
What makes it difficult or easy for you to collaborate with primary care providers? How involved are you with helping patients prepare for renal replacement therapy?
How do you see your role?
Would you like to be more involved? If yes, how would you like to be involved?