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Table 3 Content analysis of questionnaire free text data

From: Pre-pregnancy counselling for women with chronic kidney disease: a retrospective analysis of nine years’ experience

Theme Number of comments Positive Negative Examples
Expertise/Professionalism 23 23 0 • We felt very lucky to have been referred and have the opportunity to talk with a panel of consultants
• It was fantastic to feel we had the best of advice in all areas and that a specialist from all areas was there
• Three consultants were extremely well informed and we found their opinion and level of expertise both beneficial and reassuring
Information/understanding 20 18 2 • If we had any questions or didn’t understand they clarified things
• It enabled me to understand the condition of my kidneys and to accept the problems I might be facing
• I decided not to go through with it and I’m not sure that’s right
Access to services 13 11 2 • It felt like it took a long time to reach the right people
• Letter was useful with both pregnancies at local hospital
Decision-making 12 10 2 • It is an important decision and it was – and still is – very reassuring to know that the decision we took was with the best information
• If it had not been for the clinic and reassurance from consultants that it was safe to fall pregnant we probably would not have tried
Emotional response 9 4 5 • I found this quite stressful and frightening
• The risks scared me so much
• It made me feel safe
Individualised care 7 5 2 • I have other medical problems as well and the doctors were able to give me some very informed advice
• All concerns were taken seriously
• My thoughts and view were not taken into consideration