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Table 3 Domains and tests in the Penn computerized neurocognitive battery

From: Design and methods of the NiCK study: neurocognitive assessment and magnetic resonance imaging analysis of children and young adults with chronic kidney disease

Neurobehavioral function Domain Test name Label
Executive Control Abstraction/mental flexibility Penn Conditional Exclusion Test PCET
Attention Penn Continuous Performance Test PCPT
Working memory Short Letter N-Back Test SLNB
Episodic Memory Verbal Memory Penn Word Memory CPW
Facial Memory Penn Face Memory CPF
Spatial Memory Visual Object Learning Test VOLT
Complex Cognition Verbal Reasoning Penn Verbal Reasoning Test PVRT
Nonverbal Reasoning Penn Matrix Reasoning Test PMAT
Spatial Processing Penn Line Orientation Test PLOT
Social Cognition Emotion Identification Penn Emotion Identification Test ER40
Emotion Differentiation Penn Emotion Differentiation Test MEDF
Age Differentiation Penn Age Differentiation Test ADT
Praxis Speed Sensorimotor Speed Motor Praxis MPRAXIS
Motor Speed Finger Tapping Test CTAP