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Table 1 Review of the literature (1955–2015) of emphysematous cholecystitis with association without diabetes mellitus

From: Emphysematous cholecystitis presenting as gas-forming liver abscess and pneumoperitoneum in a dialysis patient: a case report and review of the literature

Number Age Gender Cormobilities Diabetes GB stone Operation /survival Bacteria source /Concurrent disease /Causative agents other than bacteria Author (year)
1 54 M N/A Yes Yes (Ce)/Yes B/C: C baratii/Liver abscess/- Huang et al. (2012) [5]
2 80 F   PTGBD/- Bi/C & B/C & abd soft tissue : Clostridium difficile/myonecrosis/- Safioleas et al. (2007) [26]
3 47 M Alcoholism Yes (Ce)/Yes Bi/C: Escherichia Coli & Enterobacter Femeral tissue culture: Escherichia Coli, Bacteroids & Enterobacter/myonecrosis -/ - Safioleas et al. (2007) [26]
4 72 M N/A Yes (L)/Yes N/A Ise et al. (2002) [36]
5 67 F Yes (Ce)/Yes B/C, Bi/C negative/Serum: antibodies against Escherichia coli O157,adult-onset HUS; liver abscess/- Yoshida et al. (1998) [37]
6 41 M ESRD secondary to Fabry’s with regular CAPD; status post two living related donor transplants; Abdomen vessel calcifications Yes (Ce)/Yes S/C: Clastridium difficile; P/C: Clostridium perfringens/recent massive UGIB/- Mirza et al. (1997) [2]
7 64 M Yes (Ce)/Yes Bi/C: Streptococcus group D-/ - Carvalho et al. (1965) [38]
8 63 M N/A -/Yes N/A Tooms et al. (1955) [39]
  1. M male, F female, CA cancer, PAD peripheral arterial disease, CAD coronary artery disease, N/A unkown, −: none, SAH subarachnoidal hemorrhage, ESRD end-stage renal disease, HUS hemolytic-uremic syndrome, OP operation, CAPD continous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, HG hyperglycemia, FBG fasting blood glucose, GB gallbladder, Ce cholecystectomy, Co cholecystostomy, Cd choledochotomy, PTGBD percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage, Lo laparotomy, Lc laparoscopy, Bi/C bile culture, B/C blood culture, S/C stool culture, P/C peritoneal fluid culture, APN acute pylonephritis, UGIB upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding