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Table 6 Fruits and raw vegetables according to potassium content

From: A practical approach to dietary interventions for nondialysis-dependent CKD patients: the experience of a reference nephrology center in Brazil

Foods low or medium in potassium (<5.0 mEq/portion)
Fruits Raw vegetables
 1 medium banana “maçã” typea  5 lettuce leaves
 1 medium persimmon  2 tea saucers of watercress
 2 tea saucer of “jabuticaba”a  ½ small cucumber
 1 medium slice of pineapple  1 tea saucer of cabbage
 1 orange “lima” typea  3 medium radishes
 10 strawberries  1 medium red pepper
 1 medium apple  1 small tomato
 10 “acerolas”a  ½ medium carrot
 ½ medium mango  1 tea saucer of raw endive
 1 medium pear  
 1 medium peach  
 1 medium fresh plum  
 ½ cup of lemon juice  
Foods high in potassium (>5.0 mEq/portion)
Fruits Raw vegetables
 1 medium banana  1 tea saucer of raw chard
 1 medium slice of melon  2 tea saucers of raw cabbage
 1 medium orange  3 tablespoons of raw beets
 1 medium kiwi  1 tea saucer of chips
 ½ medium avocado  2 tablespoons of tomato paste
 1 mandarin/tangerine  1 tea saucer of fennel
 ½ cup coconut water  
 1 medium slice of papaya  
 1 small bunch of grapes  
  1. aTypical Brazilian fruits