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Table 1 SystemCHANGETM Intervention-home visit

From: MAGIC Study: Aims, Design and Methods using SystemCHANGE™ to Improve Immunosuppressive Medication Adherence in Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

Topic Content
Introduction of SystemCHANGETM Overview-challenges of medication taking (takes time, not your fault, should not have to try harder, medications should be in the right place at the right time, habits and routines are key to success), focus on routines and conducting small experiments to improve medication taking, review 4 steps of SystemCHANGETM, and discuss how RA will guide Pp through the process of improvement.
Review of electronic medication self-monitoring report RA guides Pp’s review of MEMS report details; Pp’s personal MEMS report reviewed from screening phase.
Goal setting RA discusses Pp’s medication taking goals; encouraged to have goal of 100 % medication adherence.
Determining Process Owners RA assists Pp in identifying important people in medication taking process using Important People worksheet.
Lifestyle Routines RA assist Pp in identifying lifestyle routines using the Life Routines worksheet.
Cycles RA assists Pp in identifying cyclical nature of daily, weekly and monthly routines using the Cycles worksheet.
Possible Solutions for Change RA and Pp collaboratively consider possible environmental changes to enhance medication taking routines. Participant scores ideas on Possible Solutions Scale.
Storyboard RA encourages Pp to post MEMS report as a storyboard for success.