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Table 9 Questions and tools for quickly assessing CKD patient’s dietary habits

From: “Dietaly”: practical issues for the nutritional management of CKD patients in Italy

Do you Yes Not
1. Usually shop and prepare your own food?   
2. Read food nutrition labels?   
3. Think that a dietary treatment could be a therapy   
In an average week, how often do you: Usually/Often Sometimes Rarely/Never Does not apply to me
4. Skip breakfast?     
5. Eat a meal take out restaurants?     
6. Drink milk and yogurt?     
7. Put the cheese on your pasta?     
8. Eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey?     
9. Eat fish?     
10. Use regular processed meats?     
11. Use sauce as ketchup and mayonnaise?     
12. Eat high sodium processed foods like canned soup or frozen/packaged meals, chips?     
13. Add salt to foods during the cooking or at the table?     
14. Drinks soft drink like soda and cola?     
15. Eat nuts, peanuts, pistachio nuts     
16. Do less than 30 total minutes of physical activity 3 days a week or more?     
17. Eat pulse dried canned frozen