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Fig. 1

From: Cross-sectional survey in CKD patients across Europe describing the association between quality of life and anaemia

Fig. 1

HRQoL measures by serum haemoglobin level. Significant but modest Spearman’s correlation coefficients between HRQoL measures and Hb (range 0.19–0.23; all P-values < 0.0001). Hb levels recorded on the x-axis represent the midpoint of the Hb range (e.g. 7 g/dL refers to levels 6.5 ≤ Hb < 7.5 g/dL). Vertical lines represent the 95 % confidence interval around the mean. EQ-5D, n = 1147; SF-12, n = 1086; burden of kidney disease, n = 1169; effect of kidney disease, n = 1149; symptoms of/problems with kidney disease, n = 1140. Hb, haemoglobin; SF-12, 12-Item Short Form Health Survey; HRQoL, health-related quality of life

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