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Table 2 Studies assessing the effect of diuretics on AKI and mortality

From: Fluid overload in the ICU: evaluation and management

Study Number Comparison Effect on AKI Effect on mortality
Mehta et al. [37] 552 Diuretics versus no diuretics Increased risk of death or non-recovery of renal function OR 1.68 for death with diuretic use
Uchino et al. [38] 1743 Diuretics versus no diuretics N/A No difference
Cantarovich et al. [39] 338 Furosemide versus placebo No difference on renal recovery were found No difference
Grams et al. [40]
FACTT trial
306 Fluid conservative
(Furosemide dose of 80 mg) versus fluid liberal
(Furosemide dose of 23 mg)
No difference in peak sCr No difference
  1. FACTT fluid and catheter treatment trial, sCr serum creatinine, NA non-assessed, OR odds ratio