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Table 2 Final CKD-QPS

From: A question prompt sheet for adult patients with chronic kidney disease

Many people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have questions or concerns that they want to discuss with their healthcare team. During busy clinic visits people may forget to ask their questions. We created this question sheet to help you get the information that you want about your CKD.

The questions on this list are organized by topic. Some questions may matter more to you than others. You can use this list to help you remember what to ask your healthcare team. Circle the questions that you want answers to or write down your own questions before your clinic visit. Plan to ask your most important questions first. One visit may not be long enough to cover all of your questions.

Topics and Questions

 What is CKD

  What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

  Is my CKD going to get worse?

  What caused my CKD?

 Impact of CKD on My Life

  How does CKD affect my day-to-day life?

  How do my CKD and other health problems (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease) affect each other?

  Is my blood pressure where it should be?

  What health problems can kidney disease cause?

  What happens if my kidneys stop working?

 Monitoring CKD

  How can I have CKD when I feel fine?

  What are the symptoms of CKD?

  How do I know if my CKD is getting worse?

  How much function is left in my kidneys now?

  What is percent kidney function (GFR)? What is creatinine? What is urine protein?

 Self-Care Management

  What can I do to keep my kidney disease from getting worse?

  What foods should I avoid?

  What fluids should I avoid?

  How much fluid should I drink each day?

  What over the counter medicines should I avoid?

  What medicines can I take to treat my kidney disease?

 Treatment for Kidney Failure: General

  What are all of the treatments for kidney failure?

  Will I need dialysis or kidney transplant? When?

  How long do patients live on dialysis versus with a transplant?

  What will my life be like on dialysis versus with a transplant?

  What happens if I do not do dialysis or get a transplant?

 Treatment: Dialysis

  What is dialysis? How does it work?

  What is the difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis?

  How will dialysis make me feel? Is dialysis painful?

 Treatment: Kidney Transplant

  How do I get a kidney transplant?

  How long will a transplant last?

  What kinds of medicine will I have to take after kidney transplant?

  What is the surgery like for transplant?

Your own questions: