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Table 3 Sensitivity analyses

From: Vascular access conversion and patient outcome after hemodialysis initiation with a nonfunctional arteriovenous access: a prospective registry-based study

Sensitivity analyses : Setting changes at the end of the interval Limiting population to those with at least one annual update
Vascular access group HR (95% CI)
Functional AV access
 unchanged 1 1
 converted to catheter 1.62 (1.48–1.78) 1.60 (1.44–1.77)
Nonfunctional AV access
 converted to functional AV access 1.05 (0.97–1.13) 0.98 (0.91–1.06)
 unchanged 1.25 (1.15–1.35) 1.55 (1.41–1.69)
Catheter only
 converted to functional AV access 1.02 (0.96–1.08) 0.90 (0.84–0.95)
 unchanged 1.53 (1.45–1.61) 1.94 (1.83–2.06)
  1. Patients with a follow-up shorter than 3 months were excluded. The model was adjusted for all variables in Table 1 as well as region, year of hemodialysis initiation, and vascular access changes as time dependent variable. Abbreviations: AV arteriovenous, HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. Adjusted mortality hazard ratios associated with initial vascular access taking subsequent changes into account