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Fig. 1

From: Nephron development and extrarenal features in a child with congenital nephrotic syndrome caused by null LAMB2 mutations

Fig. 1

Macroscopic and microscopic findings of autopsied kidneys. a, b, macroscopic view. The both kidney were mildly atrophied with surface lobulation (Panel a, Bar = 1 cm). In a coronal slice of the kidney (Panel b, Bar = 1 cm), layer structural organization of cortex and medulla was preserved but the cortex was thinner in relative to medulla. c, d, e, light microscopic view Longitudinal section (Panel c) revealed the distribution and arrangement of glomeruli along the cortical labyrinth (CL) and the medullary rays (MR). There was diffuse interstitial fibrosis with tubular atrophy. Focal tubular dilatation was observed (arrowhead). PAM, 40× low power magnification, Bar = 200 μm. C:cortex; M:medulla. Higher magnification of cortical zone (Panel d, e) revealed that most glomeruli were globally sclerosed (arrows) with nearly total obliteration of capillary limen, suggestive of the diffuse loss in structural integrity of capillaries (D, HE 200×, E, PAM 100× magnification, Bar = 100 μm)

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