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Fig. 1

From: Incremental short daily home hemodialysis: a case series

Fig. 1

Protocol for prescribing incremental home hemodialysis using NxStage System One. aWith the NxStage System S, we now initiate training for all patients using 60 L dialysate per treatment. bGoal stdKt/V is now 2.3 based on KDOQI 2015 Hemodialysis Adequacy Guidelines [39]. cA 12-h collection immediately prior to the monthly urea kinetic modeling session is also an option. dChange in dialysate volume = current dialysate volume x (1 – (current spKt/V/goal spKt/V)). eFlow fraction = effluent rate (dialysate rate plus ultrafiltration rate) / blood flow rate. fTotal volume of dialysate + ultrafiltration in L/Desired treatment time [maximum rate is 12 L per hour (200 ml/min) for NxStage System One and 18 L per hour (300 ml/min) for NxStage System S]

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