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Table 2 Clinical summary of 7 chronic dialysis patients with exogenous endophthalmitis

From: Epidemiology and outcomes of Endophthalmitis in chronic dialysis patients: a 13-year experience in a tertiary referral center in Taiwan

No. Gender Age Eyes involved Immunocompromised status Vitreous culture Surgery before infection Initial visual acuity Final visual acuity Treatment
1 M 47 Right DM Negative Cataract surgery - - Parenteral antibiotics
2 M 60 Left DM ORSA Cataract surgery - - IVI,TPPV
3 F 67 Right Nil NFGNB Cataract surgery 6/30 6/30 IVI
4 M 56 Right DM Enterococcus faecalis Cataract surgery PL CF IVI
5 M 64 Left DM Stenotrophomonas maltopilia Cataract surgery CF 6/15 IVI
6 M 73 Right DM negative Cataract surgery CF CF IVI,TPPV
7 M 66 Left DM, cirrhosis, active HCC Enterococcus faecalis TPPV with endo-laser for vitreous hemorrhage HM NPL IVI,TPPV
  1. DM diabetes mellitus, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, ORSA oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, NFGNB glucose non-fermenting Gram negative bacilli, IVI intra-vitreous injection, TPPV trans pars plana vitrectomy, PL perception of light, NPL no perception of light, − missing data