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Table 3 Complications in non-tunneled versus tunneled dialysis catheters used for AKI requiring renal replacement therapy

From: Non-tunneled versus tunneled dialysis catheters for acute kidney injury requiring renal replacement therapy: a prospective cohort study

Complication outcome Adjusted rate ratio,a NTDC vs TDC (95% CI) p-value
Blood cultures
 Cultures drawn per catheter 2.1 (1.7–2.8) <0.001
 Positive cultures drawn per catheter 1.4 (0.6–3.4) 0.41
Mechanical complications
 Mechanical complications (excluding multiple sticks) 13.6 (2.9–63.0) 0.001
 Mechanical complications (including multiple sticks) 69.1 (16.6–288.2) <0.001
All complications
 Positive cultures and mechanical complications (excluding multiple sticks) 3.3 (1.6–6.8) <0.001
 Positive cultures and mechanical complications (including multiple sticks) 12.5 (6.5–24.0) <0.001
Number of catheters per patient 1.8 (1.2–2.6) 0.002
  1. CI Confidence interval; NTDC Non-tunneled dialysis catheter; TDC Tunneled dialysis catheter
  2. aAdjusted rate ratios for complications with non-tunneled versus tunneled catheters (reference group), from mixed effects models adjusted for ATN risk score, history of chronic kidney disease, renal team, and AKI cause (ATN vs others)