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Table 3 Bivariable cox regression analyses for the relation between prodromal phase length and 3 year ESRD/mortality as a composite outcome

From: Relation between duration of the prodromal phase and renal damage in ANCA-associated vasculitis

Relation between prodromal phase length and ESRD/mortality
Prodromal phase >22 weeks HR (95% CI) p-value
Univariable analysis 5.22 (1.13–24.20) 0.02
Analysis adjusted for confounders:
 Adjusted for age 8.63 (1.77–42.13) 0.01
 Adjusted for male sex 5.85 (1.26–27.29) 0.02
 Adjusted for GPA versus no GPA 5.92 (1.17–30.00) 0.03
 Adjusted for BVAS/WG 5.48 (1.18–25.39) 0.03
  1. Six patients were excluded from the survival analyses since they had already started renal replacement therapy before the diagnosis AAV and were therefore not at risk. Of these patients, 3 had a prodromal phase ≤22 weeks and 3 patients had a prodromal phase >22 weeks
  2. BVAS/WG Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score specific for Wegener’s Granulomatosis, CI confidence interval, ESRD end-stage renal disease, GPA, granulomatosis with polyangiitis, HR hazard ratio