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Fig. 3

From: Rehydration with fructose worsens dehydration-induced renal damage

Fig. 3

Renal Cortex Sorbitol, Fructose and Uric Acid Levels. a Sorbitol levels were increased in heat plus fructose (HEAT+F) exposed mice compared to wild type controls by Bonferroni post hoc test (p = 0.013). The Fructose control group also had lower levels of sorbitol than the HEAT+F group (p = 0.015). b There was no significant differences of fructose in renal cortex for individual group comparisons by Bonferroni post hoc test. c HEAT+F group had higher uric acid in renal cortex compared to the control by Bonferroni post hoc test (p = 0.042). d HEAT+F group had higher MCP-1 in renal cortex than control group (P = 0.013) and fructose group (P = 0.016) by Bonferroni post hoc test. Key: *p < 0.05

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