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Table 4 Immunogenicity of varicella vaccination

From: Varicella infections in patients with end stage renal disease: a systematic review

Reference Number of patients studied Number of dose of VZV vaccine Seroconversion rate/response rate Main conclusions Study quality
Crespo JF, et al. (2002) [16] 17 2 -94.1% after second dose of VZV vaccination. -Vaccination protocol is effective in seroconverting. Level 2
Geel AL, et al. (2006) [17] 11 2 -64% seroconverted after two doses of VZV vaccine. -64% seroconversion was lesser than post-licensure studies.
-Impaired immune system was responsible for less ability to mount antibody titres and maintaining it over time.
Level 2
Kho MM, et al. (2016) [32] 52 2 -40 responders (77%) found (AUC > 0.9) VZV specific antibody (Ab) at 3 months.
-At one year, 67% still have positive VZV Ab.
-At two years,45.8% have positive VZV Ab
-Two-dose vaccination before kidney transplantation regime is safe and effective in adults with CKD, resulting at least 77% seroconversion in VZV IgG and VZV-specific T cell memory. Level 2