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Table 1 Clinical and Epidemiological characteristics of living and deceased donors

From: Molecular profile of urine extracellular vesicles from normo-functional kidneys reveal minimal differences between living and deceased donors

  uEV Analysis Age Gender HTA DM2 DLP Others SrCr (mg/dL) Remuzzi Score Cause of death Drugs ICU Drugs
LD1 P,T 40–45 F 0.7
LD2 P,T 55–60 F 0.98
LD3 P,T 65–70 M 0.63
LD4 P,T 50–55 M Yes Hipotirodism 0.93 simvastatin, Levotiroxine
LD5 P,T 55–60 F 1.02
DD1 P, T 65–70 F Yes Yes 0.8 3 3 CVA Olmesartan, Lormetazepam noradrenaline, furosemide
DD2 P, T 65–70 F Yes obesity 0.8 5 5 Ictus metformine, insuline clopidogrelt, amoxiciline-clavulanic
DD3 P,T 80–85 F Yes Yes 1.5 4 5 CVA bisoprolol,torasemide, lorazepam, sertralin, simvastatin
DD4 T 75–80 M Yes Yes Yes 1.8 4 4 Trauma Triflusal;enalapril; Metformin; Gliclazide; Ezetimibe; Allopurinol; Glucosamine; Tenoxicam; Omeprazole manitol, actocortine, noradrenaline,
DD5 T 55–60 M Yes 1.56 2 Cardiac event Losartan, Atorvastatin, fenofibrate propofol, atropine, midazolam, noradrenaline
DD6 P 45–50 M Bone cyst 3.41 2 2 PTE oxcarbazepine, diazepam, Celecoxib. adrenaline
DD7 P 70–75 F Yes osteoporosis 0.73 3 2 Ictus Calcium noradrenaline
  1. A summary of the age, gender, diseases, cause of death and medication of all the patients is included in this Table. P: sample used for proteomic assays. T: sample used for NGS assays
  2. F female, M male; HTA Hypertension, DM2 Diabetes Mellitus type 2, DLP Dyslipemia, CVA cerebrovascular accident, PTE Pulmonary thrombo-embolism, SrCr Serum Creatinine, RK right kidney, LK left kidney