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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical guidelines on chronic kidney disease

From: Diagnosis and management of non-dialysis chronic kidney disease in ambulatory care: a systematic review of clinical practice guidelines

Inclusion criteria Excluson criteria:
guideline issued in an industrialized country relevance limited to subspecialty or subtheme
guideline is relevant to management of patients with CKD relevance is limited to acute renal insufficiency
guideline is targeted to adult patients target group of children
guideline is available in one of the following languages: Dutch/Flemish, English, French, German relevance is limited to pregnancy or childbirth
guideline is relevant to ambulatory patients relevance is limited to KDIGO stage 4 and above
  relevance is limited to patients on dialysis
  relevance is limited to kidney transplant patients
  relevance is limited to inpatients
  1. CKD Chronic Kidney Disease