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Table 1 Institutional changes affecting changes in the delivery process for pediatric continuous renal replacement therapy

From: Pediatric continuous renal replacement therapy: have practice changes changed outcomes? A large single-center ten-year retrospective evaluation

 • Equipment change from Prisma to Prismaflex
 • Standard prescription changed from CVVHD to CVVHDF
 • Standard anticoagulation changed from systemic heparin to regional citrate
 • Filter change from mostly AN69 to HF2000 membranes
 • Adoption of 24 h in-house dialysis nursing staff
 • Introduction of emergency department sepsis protocola
 • Establishment of a dedicated Renal ICU physician team
 • Institutional CRRT Policies & Procedures manual written
 • Creation of an institutional CRRT prospective database
 • Creation of a prospective CRRT Quality Improvement Team
  1. CVVHD: continuous venovenous hemodialysis; CVVHDF: continuous venovenous hemodialfiltration
  2. a Akcan Arikan A, Williams EA, Graf JM, et al. Resuscitation Bundle in Pediatric Shock Decreases Acute Kidney Injury and Improves Outcomes. J Pediatr. Dec 2015;167(6):1301–1305