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Table 2 The evidence of the four differential proteins on IgAN or kidney injury in tissue level, body fluid level and functional level

From: Analysis of the differential urinary protein profile in IgA nephropathy patients of Uygur ethnicity

Protein name Kidney tissue evidence on IgAN Kidney tissue evidence on IgAN method Body floid evidence on IgAN Body floid evidence on IgAN method Evidence in kidney injury and other kidney diease
ADIPOQ    serum ↑
urinary↑ [35]
radio-immunity analysis 1. an adipocyte-specific plasma protein
2. accumulates in the injured kidney, modulating inflammation and oxidative stress. [25, 26]
3. induces kidney apoptosis in Ischemia-reperfusion injury [27].
SERPINC1 capillary walls of the glomeruli [24] immunofluorescence urinary↑
[10, 24]
Laurell rocket immunoelectrophoresis; iTRAQ quantification 1. Serine protease inhibitors in plasma that inhibits the blood coagulation cascade.
ICAM1 The tubular and interstitial expression [30] avidin-biotin-peroxidase    1. a member of ligands for the leukocyte adhesion protein LFA-1 (integrin alpha-L/beta-2).
2. Increases in acute renal allograft rejection [31], chronic kidney disease (CKD) [32] and lupus nephritis [33, 34] in urine.
TIMP1      1. A positive regulator of ECMs in the mesangium.
2. Elevated in acute kidney injury (AKI) after liver transplantation [28]
3. Overexpressed in the kidney tissue of diabetic nephropathy rats [29].