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Table 1 Schedule of visits and procedures

From: IHDIP: a controlled randomized trial to assess the security and effectiveness of the incremental hemodialysis in incident patients

  Selection Visit Baseline visit Monthly visita Quarterly visit Annual visit Final follow-up visit
Inclusion and exclusion criteria X      
Consent X      
Demographic data registration   X     
Comorbidity data registration   X     
Primary renal disease diagnosis   X     
Hospital admission    IHD X   X
Data concerning the technique    IHD X   X
Residual renal function test   X IHD X   X
Bioimpedance   X IHD X   X
Acid-base and electrolytic state   X IHD X   X
Erythropoietic levels   X   X   X
Bone-mineral metabolism levels   X   X   X
Nutrition- inflammation levels   X   X   X
Iron levels   X   X   X
KDQOL ’36 US Spanish   X   X   X
Usual treatment   X   X   X
Echocardiogramb   X    X X
  1. aThe monthly visit and determinations marked as IHD will only be carried out for patients undergoing incremental HD
  2. bThe echocardiogram will only be carried out at the beginning, after 12 months and after 24 months
  3. & Regarding the data related to the technique, when there are different parameters (e.g. BP weight gain, and so on), only the values obtained in the session when analytical measurements are taken will be registered