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Table 1 Thrombophilia screen results

From: PR3 vasculitis presenting with symptomatic splenic and renal infarction: a case report and literature review

Test Result Comment
Thrombin time (pt) 14.8 s Normal
Thrombin time (control) 16.6 s Normal
Activated partial prothrombin time (A PTT) 27.8 s Normal
Anti-thrombin III 110 IU/dL% Normal
Protein C activity 164 IU/dL High result
Protein S activity > 150% High result
Activated Protein C Resistance None demonstrated Normal
PTT Lupus anticoagulant screen 37.1 s Normal
PTT LA ratio 1.03 Normal
DRVVT 45.35 Normal
DRVVT ratio 1.12 s Normal
Actin FS APTT 27.00s Normal
Lupus anticoagulant Negative Normal
Anti-cardiolipin Negative Normal
Anti-beta-2 glycoprotein-1 IgM Negative Normal