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Table 3 Multivariable logistic regression analysis presenting associations between log klotho and metabolic syndrome

From: Serum klotho is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome in chronic kidney disease: results from the KNOW-CKD study

Variable Model Aa Model Bb
Adjusted OR (95% CI) Adjusted OR (95% CI)
Log klotho 0.44 (0.25–0.80)d 0.44 (0.23–0.82)d
Age (per year) 1.03 (1.02–1.04)d 1.03 (1.02–1.04)d
Sex (male vs. female) 1.15 (0.94–1.41) 1.13 (0.91–1.40)
eGFR (per mL/min/1.73m2)   1.00 (0.99–1.00)
Overt proteinuriac 1.26 (1.01–1.58)d
  1. OR Odds ratio, CI confidence interval, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate by CKD-EPI creatinine equation
  2. aModel A adjusted for log klotho, age, and sex
  3. bModel B adjusted for covariates in model A plus eGFR, and overt proteinuria
  4. c24-hour urine protein > 500 mg/day
  5. dsignificant association with MS (P < 0.05). P < 0.05 was considered significant