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Table 1 Complement testing

From: Haemolytic uraemic syndrome associated with non shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli bacteraemia: a case report

Protein and technique Result Normal range
CH50 (hemolytic assay) 136% 70–130
C3 antigen (nephelometry) 1430 mg/L 660–1250
C4 antigen (nephelometry) 283 mg/L 93–380
Factor B antigen (nephelometry) 195 mg/L 90–320
Factor H antigen (ELISA) 149% 65–140
Anti-factor H antibodies (isotype IgG) (ELISA) negative  
Factor I antigen (ELISA) 137% 70–130
Membrane expression of CD46 (MCP) at the surface of granulocytes CD33+ (Beckman Coulter cytometer, type Navios) 18.8 13.0–19.0