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Table 5 Representative responses to the third open-ended questiona

From: Life and expectations post-kidney transplant: a qualitative analysis of patient responses

Patient Responses by Theme
Post-transplant care
 “You have answered all the questions and I felt comfortable, life has been a blessing and my kidney doctors have done a great job. Keep up the good work.”
 “How is the scheduling, wait times, value for wait times (i.e. is it worth waiting for 1.5 h to see someone from 10 mins and then the travel times etc.) Perception of true health care or is it more of a billing opportunity”
More communication and information
 “Didn’t explain all the after effects in results of transplant. Weight gain, eating too much (prednisone) heart problems maybe, etc.”
 “There is often no concern at the hospital (when hospitalized) about my poor immune system and right dosage of my medication. (and not listening to my correction and causing invalid blood count.)”
 “Being able to afford my meds”
Future of care and anxiety about health
 “Having a transplant introduces some insecurity in that future health is uncertain as if it is very dependent on graft survival and graft function. I have been extremely fortunate in maintaining my graft for over 17 years- which I consider a near miracle.”
  1. a The third open-ended question was: “is there something we didn’t ask you that you wish we had?” Responses have been lightly edited to correct spelling errors