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Table 4 Summary of renal histopathology in systematic review of mercury-induced glomerulonephritis

From: Mercury-associated glomerulonephritis: a retrospective study of 35 cases in a single Chinese center

Histology Authors No.
Total patients with biopsies   97
MN   69 (71.1%)
 Membranous nephropathy after use of UK-manufactured skin creams containing mercury Chakera et al. (2011) [18] 2
 Mercury-induced membranous nephropathy: clinical and pathological features Li et al. (2010) [6] 11
 Membranous nephropathy from exposure to mercury in the fluorescent-tube recycling industry Aymaz et al. (2001) [21] 2
 Nephrotic syndrome after contact with mercury. A report of five cases, three after the use of ammoniated mercury ointment Becker et al. (1962) [22] 5
MCD   26 (26.8%)
 Nephrotic syndrome of minimal change diseasefollowing exposure to mercury-containingskin-lightening cream Zhang et al. (2014) [14] 1
 Mercury-induced nephrotic syndrome: a case report and review of the literature Wagrowska-Danilewicz et al. (2014) [23] 1
 Minimal change disease caused by exposure to mercury-containing skin lightening cream: a report of 4 cases Tang et al. (2013) [17] 4
 Minimal-change nephrotic syndrome due to occupational mercury vapor inhalation Campbell et al. (2009) [24] 1
FSGS   2 (2.1%)
 Mercury-Associated Nephrotic Syndrome: A Case Report and Systematic Review of the Literature Miller et al. (2013) [25] 1
  1. Abbreviations: MN membranous nephropathy, MCD minimal change disease, FSGS focal segmental glomerular sclerosis